Self-Sufficiency Projects

Supply, install, operate and maintenance 76 Cold and Freeze Stores for Iraqi government/ Ministry of Constriction and Housing (Self-sufficiency projects). These Stores are located in Baghdad, Dohuk, Sulaymaniyah, Mosul, Kirkuk, Diyala, Babel, Al Diwaniya, Al Nu'maniya , Al Nasiriya and Al Anbar. The Total Capacities of the projects  reached up to 3480 KW. The table below provides more information about the project.



Number Of Stores


Cooling Capacity

 3480 KW

 995 TR

Total Area

 8550 m2

Total Volume

 34200 m3

Number Of Units


Coold Stores

 Number of Stores 


 Cooling Capacity 

 2800 KW

 800 TR

 Total area

 6300 m2

 Total volume

 25200 m3

 Number of Units   112

 Room Temperature

 +5 oC

Freeze Stores

 Number of Stores 


 Cooling Capacity 

680 KW

195 TR

 Total area

 2250 m2

 Total volume

 9000 m3

 Number of Units  40

 Room Temperature

- 18oC


























































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