Our Brands

Our company is an authorized wholesaler in Iraq for a lot of inveterate companies that have remarkable outcomes in refrigeration and air conditioning filed. These companies are:



Emerson Commercial & Residential Solutions /USA: Specialized Company in manufacturing Refrigerant products, based in USA. They produce the following:

Compressors (Copeland USA, DWM Copeland Europe, Copeland Scroll)

Stream compressors

ZX platform Condensing units

Condensing units

All the accessories (Flow & Alco controls) such as dual pressure switch, oil pressure control, moisture indicator, filter drier, etc.

Kelvion –Kuba GmbH/Germany: Specialized Company in manufacturing unit coolers for cold and freeze stores.

MIV Insulating Systems srl /Italy:

Italian company specialists in produce all kind of doors for medium and low temperature.       

ZANOTTI S.P.A/ Italy: Italian company specialists in produce vehicle refrigerator.
King Span – Insulated Panel: Specialist company in producing cold and freeze stores panels.
ITT Pumps: An American Company produces many kinds of pumps.
Alfa laval: An Italian Company specialized in producing heat exchangers.
Desca: An Italian Company specialized in manufacturing cooling towers.

Errecom :

An Italian company produce air conditioning and refrigerant chemical solution

Errecom refrigeration lubricants define the highest level in the lubrication of the A/C compressor of each system. Every application and viscosity has its specific solution.    

Ziehl-apegg: A German company produces fans.
ebm papst: A German company produces fans and motors.
Novoferm: A German company produces doors and dock leveler.
MPM cooled system: An Italian Company produces PVC corners and plinth.

Al Zamil Industrial Company: A Saudi company manufactures HAVC systems


Mammut Industries: An Iranian company produces sandwich panels
Cold MarkAn Italian Company produces insulated panels

Thermoway: A Turkish Company specialized in heat exchangers

Alfacelik: A Turkish Company specialized steel structural  
Geneglace: French company specialized in ice production techniques.
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