Al Marai Strategic Distribution Stores Project

Al Marai project is one of top projects of our company since a lot of effort has been spent to cover the large cooling demand. This effort is represented by supplying 39 cooling units of an air cooled condensing units and evaporators to provide 2028 KW of refrigeration capacity for 48688 m3 of cold and freeze stores. These stores are located in Baghdad ,the project takes 6 months to be accomplished. A summary of project information is presented in the table below. 



Number Of Stores


Cooling Capacity

2028 KW

580 TR

Total Area

5539 m2

Total Volume

48688 m3

Number Of Units


Coold Stores

Number of Stors 


Cooling Capacity 

1114 KW

318 TR

Total area

4440 m2

Total volume

39355 m3

 Room Temperature

+5 oC

Freeze Stores

Number of Stors 


Cooling Capacity 

914 KW


Total area

1098 m2

Total volume

9333 m3

Room Temperature

-20 oC































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