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Al Batla Group is a group of Iraqi and Gulf specialist companies based in Iraq and Sultanate of Oman. These companies are:













Al Batla General Trade Company 


It's one of the major distinguished companies that have a wide experience
in supplying cold and Freeze stores, sandwich panels, chillers, cooling towers
and air handling units. In addition, the company provides the fundamental
components of refrigeration cycle (Flow and Alco controls) such as; compressors,
evaporators, air/ water cooled condenser, expansion valves, filter drier, oil separators,
accumulator, ..etc ,connection pipes. The main distributing center is based in Baghdad
and the other branches are located in Mosul and Basra.





Offaq Al Jazeera for General Contracting  


This company was established as a result of the prosperity and progress
in our business in Iraq, and because of the necessity for a specialized
contracting company and a professional team to support the group.
Headquarter of this company is located in Baghdad.





Offaq Al Jazeera International  


It’s a general contracting company specialized in executing the turnkey projects.
The company is based in Sultanate of Oman, located in Muscat.





Al Laith Factory


The plant was founded in 1984, specialized in manufacturing, assembling and installation of; package units, air conditioners, chillers, condensing units, etc. The plant located in Baghdad.




Our group of companies has wide range of activities in the field of refrigeration and air conditioning. However, these activities can briefly be described as follows:


​     1Design, supply and install all kinds of cold and freeze stores, medicine stores, vegetable stores                           and blood bank refrigerator.


    2. Supplying the portable cold and freeze stores


    3. Distributing compressors (hermetic and semi- hermetic) for both types (scroll and                                                reciprocating) from Emerson Climate Technologies (Copeland, DWM Copeland,                                                 Scroll Copeland).


     4. Design, supply and install central air conditioners that specified for hospitals, switch boards                              and networks.


     5. Providing refrigerated boxes and refrigerated semi-trailer.


     6. Equipping and install the vertical and horizontal boilers.


     7. Providing insulated polyurethane panel (sandwich panels) with different thickness (50mm,                                 100mm.150mm and 200mm) with density of 40 kg/m3 and hinges vision, slide vision                                         doors.


     8. Install pre-insulated HVAC ducts.


     9. Design, supply and Install all kinds of chillers specially the one that used for syrup and Pepsi                             Cola.


     10. Supplying the submersible pumps and air curtain and all the accessories which it needs.






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